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Have A Passion for Fitness and Sports Nutrition?  Would you like to take your passion to the next level? Contact me and let's get your Certification started now, and get a leap into a wonderful fulfilling Career!! Visit my page "Get Certified Now" regarding Certification!!!!!******** 

Note: CPR & First Aid Certification  For Fitness Professionals Available Upon Completion    **Certified CPR - First Aid Instructor**   

  It's very easy to schedule with me online - simply go to my contact page and send me a message and I will promptly get back with you to schedule you for  a consultation  and an appointment with me as well get you signed up for one of my Certification Seminar Classes:         


About Me

Hi it's me, "Coach Kimberly Taylor"

 I am so excited that you have tuned in too my website!!!! I am super passionate about helping you Become a Certified  Personal Trainer or Sports Nutritionist and CPR/ First Aid Certified which allows you to enjoy an awesome career in many areas in the fitness industry

Getting a Trainers Certification provides you with awesome credibility and also demonstrates high standards that can earn you a lucrative income in your career as a personal trainer. Whether you're starting  a career as a personal trainer, or looking to accelerate your growth in this amazing industry, Coach Kim, along with IFA credentials can help you succeed as a fitness professional".


I am excited about helping those of you who have  goals to live a more fit and healthful life!!!!  I have experienced  many years of countless screams of joy and excitement at the end of a victorious goal  as well as many wellness accomplishments with my awesome clients !!!! I am here to see you through it!!!!!! I believe in you.....I will push you with great encouragement and  lead you by a team, we reach your goals.

My mission is to help you get into the best shape of your life "Total Body Health". I  believe that anyone can get healthy and fit with stress management,  a regular program of exercise and good nutrition. As well as have healthy skin all over, practicing the use of good skin nutrition with:

            "Kimberly Taylor's Skin Care and Color Cosmetics"

                               My Personal Skin Care Line

Ready to enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and physical wellness My programs are proven to help people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to attain well-being, strength, and relaxation.

                                   (850) 303-1394 (Business Cell)




Remember Goals Don't come to you.....

You have to go to them!!!!!!


Your Goal Is My Mission!!!!


My Programs

Are you at your wits end and feel that you can't reach your weight loss goal? Are you not able to on your own keep your fitness and nutrition regimen at a faithful state? As your Wellness Coach I will help you develop, reach and maintain achievable goals.  Let's get those goals going and achieved!!!! I believe in you!!!!!! Let's do this!!!!!!!

My motto is to live life well and strong!!  There can never be enough Proper Nutrition for the total body  and a sure focus on the Skin's Nutrition as well as your Fitness Health. 

 I'm excited to hear from you soon!  

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