Personal Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching

"Hello again Coach Kim Taylor here..."

As a Fitness / Weight Loss Coach and Running Athlete. I  am super excited and very passionate about this industry and totally enjoy the benefit of coaching individuals to healthier and fit lives!!!! I offer absolute Personal Fitness Training and Weight Loss Coaching at its best.  Certified through Curves University and the International Fitness Association. I am also a Certifying official for the International Fitness Association with many years of experience in this industry. 

Specializing in Weight Loss and Natural Nutritional Supplementation. I have so many opportunities to help many reach their "Ever after"

If you are at your wits end and cannot seem to reach your fitness level or goal weight as well as trouble maintain your goal weight...allow me to help you get there. We can do it together!!!!!

Training locations are convenient. I can train you in my Studio or my designated gym space, also if you have access to gym space, I will come to you!!!.

I know that with my Fitness Plan for you, we can reach that GOAL!!

My Fitness Plans along with my Weight Loss Program are amazing together!! Perhaps the Last Weight Loss Program you  will ever need!!! 

Feel Better in 30 days Guaranteed!!!!

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