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(Professional Skin Nutrition & Makeup Coaching Available)

My Personal  Professional Skin Nutrition Line & Cosmetics 

 Just for you "Own Your Image!!!!"  

*******It's all about Skin Nutrition*******

Kimberly Taylor's Professional Dermatalogical Skin Products

My Personal Skin Care Systems Are Customized Individually just for your Skins Personal Nutritional Needs Starting at Only $135.00  

My amazing All Natural  Lash Growth Solution, "Lashurious" only $60.00

It is an absolutely awesome Product!!

 I have spent over 20  years consulting with my Lab personally to make sure that my product  formulations are exact for my customers needs and the unique carefully chosen ingredients are proven, soothing, healing and results oriented. Being an expert on product ingredients and skin conditions has helped me choose the right Lab for my Products. I am So excited to be able to offer such  wonderful formulations to you with promised results!!!!! Hats off to my  awesome Lab in New York City!!

Contact me and order your Skin Nutrition for your Personal Skin Care and Glamour needs or for those of you who are Professionals in the Beauty Industry,  who would love to offer an Awesome Professional Skin Care and Glamour Cosmetic Line to your Customers. Offering them Innovative Skin Nutrition  to a Science and Cosmetics for New Creative Infinite looks!!!!!!! Professionals may order a trial package before purchasing a line of product for your business.  Skin Nutrition includes Care Systems for all skin types and my Signature Anti Aging Skin Nutrition  System!!

It is amazing!! Products are sold customized for your skin care needs. Its an awesome 5 step system!!


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****Place your order from my online store. Call me for a free consultation*****

so that we can customize your skin care needs

"Own Your Image" Makeovers for Weddings, Banquets, or just any Special Occasion!!!!!  Only $60.00


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